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Hi, I'm Sangay aka Sandy aka the hostess with the mostess...OK forgive me that was super corny but that's also me. A lot of people ask me why I chose "There are levels to this chick" as my podcast name. Simple, I want to combat the stereotype that women like me are one dimensional.


I am a fusion of so many different cultures and experiences. I was born in Jamaica, lived there until the age of 11, after which I moved to the states, specifically MD. I was transported from a world where I had never laid eyes on a white person to an environment in which I was the minority in every new space I entered, overnight. I am a black woman, but I am more than my skin color. At one point in my life, I wanted to be Matlock, then I wanted to become a psychologist. I attained my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and realized I loved interacting with people more than I liked researching and writing papers so I moved into the world of hospitality. Now I  am taking the leap of faith to extend my advice and commentary beyond my daily girl chats and sending it out into the ethos.

My experiences molded me into the person I am today. I am a woman who has experienced hurt from others and also from my own mistakes. I want to help others like me as we traverse this land of Adulthood, which many did not get the proper tools to navigate. My intention is always to come from a place of honesty and love. You will not always agree with me, but I hope you can always say that I was respectful and sincere in what I am saying.


Know that this matters to me and I will be passionate, I will have moments where I am elated and moments where I connect to the pain and trauma of others around me. I am here, I would love to hear from you, to speak with you, to bond with you, and most of all to grow with you. So come join the anime-loving, video game playing, action movie watching, folk to rap music listen, beautifully eclectic chick on this journey.


If you want to talk more and get engrossed in conversation with me, please click below for a connection to my blog where I encourage you to chat it up with your sisters in arms and I will be sure to join in on the fun myself! 

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