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Poetry in Motion

A poem dedicated to all the insecure ladies out there fight the good fight. I see you and the view is beyond beautiful!

I am Worthy


Lost in a vortex of unsurety and insecurities.

Constantly battered by dejection and devastation

The battle for my soul and my essence seemingly never-ending,

with a continuous maelstrom of uncertainty surrounding my heart

My sword of hope battered, blood soaked from a battle hard fought

My shield of faith, limp on my arm, worn and cracked from so many hits meant to inflict pain upon me

Here I am, down on bended knee, weary from yet another battle in a never ending war

Pain radiates through my pours, the pain of lost and missed opportunities singe my skin

So, I push down upon my sword and I rise.

Ignoring the aches, the still unhealed wounds,

As the lashes across my body emanate a new level of agony with the brutality of Khan.

My garments, merely rags now, offer me what little modesty they can, barely shielding me, but enough for me to carry on.

Through it all, I realized that I am still standing. I stand for there is breathe in my body and fire in my soul

I will continue to cut down the retched demons of fear and vacillation

I will continue to fight the wraiths of disquiet and chances lost

I will continue to fight like a berserker, enraged and forever alert, as there is something worthy of the battle yet to come.

I am worthy of this fight, I say now and forevermore

I will continue to stand in this moment though physically broken and mentally bruised.

I will continue to push through the hoards of memories assailing me with the pains and failure of the past

I will scale this mountain, this beast before me.

Though there is nothing but the unknown, I will carry on until I can see the light once more

For nothing can put asunder what god has not mandated to be so.

I will not go gently into this shrewd night

I will wield my blade with dexterity and precision

Cutting down whatever enemy stands in my way

I will not fall on the battlefield for no Valhalla awaits me.

My peace shall be found within this world, upon this ground, within my own mind

There are far too many days left to live for

I will fight because I am worthy

For in the image of my mother I was created for greatness beyond worldly comprehension

Yes, I truly believe I am worthy now… I see it, I feel… I know it….

Why you ask? Because I finally told me so.


Ladies - Please tell me about a time when you really felt insecure? What helped you push through it? Are you still feeling that way

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