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The Beginning

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Why a podcast? That's a question a few different people have asked me as I have started on this journey of expression...again. I have always felt that I was placed on this earth to speak, in some way for others whether they could speak for themselves or did not know what to day.

I initial wanted to venture into you tube and start a channel. Which I did in 2016. It was titled Cultural Queries and it was going to be a platform in which I spoke about the culture and my perspective on certain things. I posted two episodes and then didn't go back. At that point I honestly feel like it fell off because I wasn't prepared. I made a decision to do it and didn't do my due diligence to really get a clear idea of what it would take to make this happen. So I started, in a similar guise to now, picked a topic, wrote a poem and spoke from my heart. I didn't have the right tool and it wasn't to the level of art that I wanted it to be so I fell back. That is why with this podcast I am so intentional and have taken about a year to really work through everything and get myself in a place where I can say. I am happy with the content I am creating.

I also believe a factor that led to me pulling back was my mindset at that time. I didn't believe that anyone wanted to hear what I had to say. In my mind, I didn't have my ish together, I wasn't were I wanted to be in any place in my life, financially, relationship, career, body, etc.... you name it! (Hey Ms. Shirley). So I always said to myself that no one was interested in hear what I had to say. The truth of the matter is that people were interested in what I had to say, through out all of my adult life and some of my teen years, I was that friend to many in my circle. The person people came to for honest advise that they knew would come from a place of love and genuine desire to help. I want to be able to translate that to this platform. If I can help one young lady feel a little less of that sting of insecurity or fear about what she can and cannot do then I have done something right.

I was not placed on this planet to just live a life, but to be a beacon, a guide of some sort to those who may need it. Every time I step away from that path I feel less than, every time I don't acknowledge my gift of gab or my ability to relate to anyone on just about any level, I know I am doing a disservice to the gift I was given. No more, I will no longer ignore or sideline my dreams and aspirations or my passion to help other. That's why I am doing a podcast, it is a platform on which I can reach so many in every part of this world without having to leave my little apartment in Riverdale GA.

So I am speaking now to the women who like me keep ignoring and pushing aside their dreams. Watch me work and watch me grow. Let me be the inspiration you need, let me be the voice of reason to help you on your journey. Let us grow together because honey I am still just a little rosebud on the first day of spring. I have so much growth to do, but I cannot do it alone, I need you there as you need me there.

I know this journey will be tough, there will be some cold days, there might be some storms that peel away at our pedals; but we are survivors and will we make it through. Walk with me and I will hold you up, I will reach for you when you stumble. Moreover, I will praise you when succeed and I will always honor you as a sister/brother worthy of my respect and love, who like me is just searching for her/his path and discovering the multitude of levels that make us who we are.

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